Creative artist / Entrepreneur
Mr. Marvin Jason Cielo

is an alumni of the

The Pontifical and Royal University University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines.

The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines

is also known to be as the oldest University in Asia,


Viva Santo Tomas!

This is where he proudly completed a

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with major in

Advertising Arts in 2001. He graduated with honors, defending his thesis on how package structure and design plays an important role in marketing. He also holds an

Associate Degree in Visual Communication in 2007 from the

International Academy of Design & Technology Seattle

This is where he built his portfolio, graduated with high honors and made his name known into the local scene by winning different art design and video competitions. He also worked there as an

Visual Communication Tutor, Graphic

Designer and Accuplacer Proctor.

Growing up as a privileged “navy brat”, MJ (as he is

generally known) has traveled the world,

living in different countries and experiencing

different cultures. He credits this world

exposure as well as his education, support

and love of his family for inspiration in

creating his art which has been exhibited at

the University of Santo Tomas Arts and

Science museum in Manila, Philippines, and also at

the Covington Day's Art Exhibition and at

International Academy of Design & Technology.

Samples of his work done by his own Design

Company, MARVZIELO Designs.